Freitag, 6. Juli 2012

gosh, already july?!

Time is flying by and I spend most of it with working and sleeping.

Btw I've never talked about it here, but apart from my two part time jobs, I also sometimes teach German / do doitsu-kaiwa (german-conversation) privately. But it's a very irregular source of income (like once a week or so). However doing this, already proved me right: I am not made for a teaching position. I am not very patient and I hate to repeat myself all the time. Teaching once a week is already annoying me, doing this every day several hours – no way! No, thank you!

No big issues or changes at work lately. Except that the Hotel Restaurant is still short on staff and I probably won't have many days off again this month. And because there's no one around, I am often alone or with a fellow part-timer in the restaurant. Means „more responsibility“ and not being ordered around so much.

End of June I met up with Naoko in Sannomiya after working at IKEA. We originally planned to go to some spanish bar, but the one we picked was full. So we wandered around and spotted other spanish bars or bars offering tapas, but none looked interesting enough. We ended up in HUB an british pub chain. As I thought, it was filled with foreigners. Food was quite expensive, so we ordered only some cheese plate and sweets. I had normal beer and mango beer. The mango beer was really nice. Naoko paid for me as a belated birthday gift. I returned the favor by paying our cake-sets at Doutor, where we headed after HUB.

On Thursday (5th July) I went to Osaka to help out at a indian cooking event of Lisa's boss. She works for him at a language school as a german teacher, but he also organizes monthly lunch and dinner events, cooking indian and german dishes. I helped at the indian curry lunch til about 5 and then Lisa came in and started her shift, waitressing at the german dinner event. But I was glad I did the indian lunch, because the food was really delicious. Could have been hotter though! It was too mild for my taste.
I also got to wear an indian long blouse, which actually felt really comfortable to wear. Now I want to buy some indian inspired summer clothing. The fabrics are so lightweight and perfect for japans humid&hot summer weather.

seafood curry, curry with chicken and banana, crunchy chicken, aubergine stew, potato dish...but the best were some deep fried tapioka "chips"

I also received my haul! :

LA Colors 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow Palette
Price $3.00

only swatched on my arm. Those shadows are not very pigmented. All are shiny/have shimmer. Considering the price, they are probably OK.

MILANI Minerals Blush with Brush
Price $5.75
It's a nice color. Not very pigmented either. But that might be a good thing too.. you can hardly put on „too much“ of this and it's good to create a natural / healthy look. A real PRO-aspect of this blush is the packaging. There's a mirror AND a brush attached to it! however it's still lightweight, so this is  practical to carry around!!

LA Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color
Price $2.50
Forbidden Love

color is nice, BUT IT SMELLS unpleasant. And it doesn’t feel good on my lips either. I am probably not going to use this.

    NYX The Runway Collection 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette
    Price $8.50
    Champagne & Caviar
    not tested yet! Colors look great but some of them look very alike.

    LA Girl Pro Concealer
    Price $2.50
    Creamy Beige
    not tested

    Jordana Best Lash Volumizing Mascara
    Price $2.99

    not tested

    LA Colors Baked Eyeshadow
    Price $3.50

    not tested

    NYX Round Lipstick
    Price $2.99
    Tea Rose 
    I will probably use this a lot! It's a cute color, looking quite natural on me (i can only wear natural looking make up because of my jobs). It doesn’t smell and feels good. Probably not long-lasting. Considering the price it's doing its job though!