Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

what happened?!

aww another month just passed by !  I actually did tons of nice stuff… but I wont be able to recap here’s a turbo summarized version:

my friend Nicole from Germany visited me in Kobe and we did TONS OF SIGHTSEEING, SHOPPING ETC.

We walked through Kobe City, passed by some sightseeing spots (Kobe Port Tower, Ikuta Jinja, etc), Rokko-san & Maya-san (mountains, Nunobiki (waterfall), great night view from Rokko-san,… went out drinking.

We also went to Osaka for (Window)shopping and sightseeing: Osakajo (Castle), Instant Ramen Museum,…

We spent a day in Nara (temples, deer,..) and we made a trip to Tokyo.

I had 4 days (3nights) in Tokyo but I think I did more and saw more than some people do in two weeks :P. We’ve been to: Ueno (Park, Ameyoko), Nihonbashi (our Hotel was located there), Ryogoku (Edo-Museum!! It was really good and BIG. Expect to spend half a day there !), Harajuku (shopping of course), Shinjuku (izakaya, kabukichou walk at night ), Shibuya (Salt & Tobacco Museum :D), Nippori (Textile Town, you can buy fabrics there and some cheap clothing), Akihabara (just a few minutes in Yodobashi Camera), Shin-Okubo (korea-town, where  I bought makkoli-handcream and face sheet masks :), Odaiba ( shopping, Daikanransha Ferris wheel), Roppongi ( roppongi hills: meeting a friend and having cocktails in a fancy place), …….

The bus rides were tiring, yes… BUT not as bad as I had previously thought. Seats were totally ok! On the way to Tokyo I got those pink, huge, relax-seats on a willer express bus.. for 6300yen! That’s a good deal because you often have to pay 7000-8000 or more for these seats. Returning back to Kobe, I booked a MK bus for the two of us (6000Yen). Their seats were of course not as luxurious as the relax seats in the willer express bus, but still more spacious than other seat-types! I know because from Kobe to Osaka Willer Express used one of the low-fare-busses  to shuttle us to Osaka. In Osaka people got into the bus, they actually booked. The low-fare-shuttle bus was not comfortable and I was more than glad that I spent some extra 1500yen or so to get better seats. My advice for night busses is: book as early as you can (you will get better rates) and try not to choose the cheapest busses/lowest seating category … be stingy, but not TOO stingy :)


Returning from Tokyo, we showered and got ready again for a little trip to Suma Beach and then another shopping spree at Marinpia Outlet Center in Tarumi.

All in all I didn't buy too much within these two weeks: one pair of shoes, jeans shorts (but with a wide-cut, very girlish), two tops (one from forever 21, my first f21 purchase ever.. because we don't have it in Kansai) and some cheap jewelry (paris kids)

i could write much more about so many things.. but I guess I just make a  point here and add some photos:

CAI_0718 CAI_0661 CAI_0662 CAI_0674 CAI_0682 CAI_0684 CAI_0701

CAI_0726 CAI_0729 CAI_0741 CAI_0745 CAI_0746 yakiniku yakiniku 2 CAI_0757 CAI_0766 CAI_0769 CAI_0781 CAI_0784 creating your own cup noodles gyudon at sukiyaki willer express special relaxseats CAI_1012 CAI_0814 CAI_0820 CAI_0831 CAI_0833 CAI_0834 CAI_0838 CAI_0852 CAI_0858 CAI_0867 CAI_0877 CAI_0904 CAI_0909 CAI_0910 CAI_0911 CAI_0921 CAI_0934 CAI_0940 CAI_0943 CAI_0961 CAI_0964  CAI_0991 CAI_0995 CAI_1009