Montag, 1. Oktober 2012


..for being so M.I.A.


well, nothing special happened the past weeks. I went to work and tried to save up money. Not very successful though ! Several pairs of shoes broke, so I had to rebuy shoes, including my waitressing shoes. Also did I sign up (and paid) for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Level N2.

I didnt buy much fancy stuff lately.. but tried out this snail hair treatment :

Yes, one trend here in the cosmetic world is SNAIL slime: The treatment is non-silicone und smells alright (vanilla-musk).

The reason I tried to save up is: My friend Nicole from Germany arrived here yesterday evening! I took of most days of her two-weeks stay and we will be doing lots of sightseeing including a trip to Tokyo!

I booked Willer-Express for my ride to Tokyo. Nicole will leave two/three days earlier than me by shinkansen. On the way back to Kansai we will use a MK over-night bus (booked over rakuten travel).


Today Nicole and me will explore Kobe, get her Shinkansen ticket and hopefully plan out the next days. We will probably head to Osaka two or three days in a row. Are there any MUST-SEE/MUST-DO events going on RIGHT NOW?