Freitag, 24. Februar 2012

はじめまして- first entry

main purpose of this blog will be to keep memories.

 I arrived in Japan on 15th february and since then live with my boyfriend and his family in Takasagoshi (Hyogo-ken). Currently we keep looking for a place to live close to Hyogo-ku Station (Kobe). My bf starts school (senmon gakko) in this area soon and wants to live as close as possible.
Unfortunately, living close to a good station in bigger cities is extremely expensive... after we watched some apartments, I couldnt help but cry. We will most likely end up paying about 700 euro a months for an old place with the size of a SHOEBOX. And tatami. I dont mind tatami (japanese style rooms) but if I had a choice I'd probably prefer a western room for now. Well, I have no choice though.

After watching apartments, I bought a denshi jisho in a lovely color. I got it at some sort of casio outlet store in sannomiya (or motomachi?) and the shop clerk was extremely helpful. Providing lots of information, showing us how to use it, giving discounts etc.
I have an electronic dictionary now, containing japanese, englisch and GERMAN. But afterwards I regretted that I did not ask for a model that has the kenkyuusha dictionary...Just after trying it out at home for real, I realized I do not need the german dictionary. The german one is not as useful as the english-japanese dictionaries :/ So i could have saved the money actually.

Other than that, I havent done much yet here. One point is to save money.. leaving the house always leads you to spend too much money. And another reason is... I am not able to do the things I want. I could not open a bank account so far. I was denied two times already. I hope once my "alien registration card" (gaikokujin torokushomeisho) arrives, I'll be accepted.
Without a bank account it'll be difficult to get a mobile phone (except prepaid models/ plans). So yeah .... gotta wait til 8th march for the next round of bank applications :)

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