Freitag, 16. März 2012

whats going on over here

i finally got a hair cut.. it was really over due:

I don't have any picture of the result yet. I got my hair cut by Dais father who is a barber (sanpatsu)... So I was a little worried, since he is not experienced in cutting long woman’s hair, but luckily it turned out alright.

The past days I 've been enjoying tamago-tofu (egg tofu) as a snack in between. 

On Thursday I've been to Hello Work in Kobe and despite we went there during the English-service time, no one spoke English with me. I already read before, that this seems to be the normal case and that's why I followed the advice to bring a Japanese person with me. They explained, they want the whole process to be held in japanese language because it's also an exercise for me. Of course they have a point, I should get used to go through such things in japanese... As a result of this visit, I got one job-interview scheduled for tomorrow. It will be in Kobe at a Hotel... I am nervous and I do not expect much out of it, except to gain some experience.

Other than that I am on the verge to give up on my university assignments... I've wasted three weeks on one report already and due to that I wasn’t able to do much here in Japan and could't concentrate on my life here... I wonder if it's worth it to waste another few weeks on these papers... I am not motivated at all to do them. 

This Sunday we will go and see our new apartment and it will be almost done with renovation and next week we will be able to move in. Apparently, it may take SOME WEEKS to get internet there. I guess I should do a detailed research on internet-cafes in the neighborhood..... :/

Few days ago I've sent a short message, that I'd be interested to take part in an TV show that involved foreigners to learn something about Japanese culture... I got called back immediately... and then the next day one more call. But unfortunately, we had a little misunderstanding about the concept of that TV show. I won't appear on TV any time soon... :D

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