Montag, 30. April 2012

golden week (not mine though)

It's golden week in japan, but not for me! I work/ed on all days of Golden Week except today (30th April).
I started working part-time at IKEA Kobe. It's interesting to have an insight in their work culture etc. After my group interview for IKEA some weeks ago, I received an offer to work only during Golden Week. However, on the training day, I received a six month part-time contract. What a change of events!

The next surprise, unfortunately a bad one, came a few hours later at work (hotel). The girl in charge of the shift-scheduling and my direct boss quits after golden week. Actually she quits by today, but they have no one to replace her yet and Golden Week will be quite busy. I almost cried. I admire her because she treats me and everyone else with the right mix of respect and authority. Even though she is very young, she's able and doing a great job.

Yesterday I worked at IKEA only for a few hours, but it was so exhausting I was wet of sweat :D. I showered and changed clothes etc. within 10 minutes and rushed to my next work.... There was a flea market at IKEA but I couldn’t even spare 5 minutes for it :( What a pity..from passing by, I could spot some cute looking things.

Today Dai and me went to Kobe Harborland, where the OKTOBERFEST takes place. Yes right, you can enjoy the custom of a Oktoberfest in April / May. Everything’s possible in Japan ;)
It was super tiny and everything was expensive. I bought a Bretzel for 200 Yen (about 2 Euro) which was micro-sized and did not have salt and tasted kinda bland. 2 minutes later I found out, there also was a normal sized, salted Bretzel available... However double the price.
Dai had no school, but work and therefore he did not drink beer. He wanted to, but stayed strong. My poor boy :/

Me being pissed off about the size of my "bretzel", Dai longing for good german beer and the Oktoberfest in April. The ferris wheel in the background is not part of the event, it's always there.

We took purikura at Mosaic (shopping mall)...

... and shopped a bit at Seria (another 100Yen chain store).
I got a hairband for showering/bathing :D

and those pretty chopsticks:
 You always end up buying random unnecessary things at 100yen shops....argh ^^.

I also browsed a few shops at Kosokukobe Station and bought this on sale for 1095 Yen:

We went home, did some shopping, ate seven eleven o-bentos and watched GANTZ – Perfect Answer (Part 2).

Gosh, I love GANTZ movies. The fighting scenes are extremely well coordinated and the whole atmosphere is so exciting. I love those bodycon suits too :P

Oh and I want to share this cake with you :D
Went to Doutor with Sunao-chan on Thursday (got to know her through ikea) and had a azuki-matcha cake. I love anko/azuki beans and I love matcha flavored stuff. This was the perfect mix for me and I wasn't disappointed:

Doutor starts to grow on me. I think they are reasonable priced/sized (cheaper than starbucks) and have tasty stuff!

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