Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

24. another birthday has passed

Hey ho

a week has passed since my birthday (turned 24), but didn’t find any time to update... I had off on my birthday, but all in all I will work 28 days out of June’s 30 days. You can guess how much I am looking forward to the end of this month ! I have no idea what July will be like... The hotel restaurant I work for is short on staff. Yesterday I was basically doing everything ALONE. Luckily, it was pretty empty and most of the time no customers at all. Of course I know most things by now, it's not like I can't be alone... but if a customer has a special request or a difficult question, I usually don't know how to answer. Also, I don't know how to handle the cashier and honestly speaking, I don’t want to know! I really don’t want to take any responsibility about money/financial matters. At least not how things are at the moment, considering I do not have any sort of employment contract with them and my salary is paid cash. In case anything goes wrong, I am probably fucked.

So on my birthday, I got up late and then went to Osaka in order to meet Lisa. It was a rainy day, so we decided to stay in some large underground mall in Honmachi and also went for coffee in Doutor. We had some confusion about where to meet up and ended up meeting quite late. Lisa, sorry! Time passed by quickly and soon it was time to rush to Nippombashi, where we would meet up with my boyfriend.

We went to an Izakaya. But not quite an ordinary one...
At Zauo you can rent a fishing rod, bait and then start fishing. Right away from your seat (at least in our case). It's not really a big deal to catch a fish, since there are plenty of fish in a small pool, but it's still fun. Once you caught one, you have to decide how the fish will be prepared and then it will be served to you. Of course you have to pay for the fish (price varies from the kind of fish you catch). I caught a Tai (sea bream) and of course requested it as sashimi (raw)! BTW whenever a customer catches a fish, the staff will ask for your name and start shouting your name, some paroles and beat the drums. Basically „celebrate“ that you got a fish.
We also ordered some other food. I ate an mentaiko dish... I think it was my first time eating mentaiko and also my first time to have Ochazuke (you have to pour lots of dashi broth over your rice).

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After that we walked around in Nippombashi and took purikura at round 1... and headed home at a very reasonable time.

Except for going out on Sunday with my co-workers from IKEA I haven't done anything special. I am busy enough with my working schedules....

So on Sunday we went to an Yakitoriya, an Izakaya specialized in serving chicken dishes. Naturally we had mostly chicken dishes, including chicken hearts (I love chicken hearts). The most special dish was probably the raw horse meat (it was at least the most expensive one).  At such outings it is common to split the bill even. Everyone ended up paying 3500 Yen (35euro), which was considered "cheap" by the others. I thought it was a lot and basically my limit. But yeah it is cheap by japanese standards and Izakaya nights usually end up with  huge bills. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos that evening :(

I end my entry with a sighting of bad german at DAISO. In the stationery section I saw this  notebook:


  1. Wow, another kansai person! Nice to meet you :)
    I've never seen a restaurant where you can go fishing. That's pretty cool!♪
    Sounds like your job is kind of stressful. That's too bad D: Good luck tho!♥

    1. I can recommend Zauo! It's def. worth a visit.. and reasonable priced. (not cheap but not expensive either).

      nice to meet you, too!

  2. hey i understand where you got the fish from :D i already wondered about the post with the fish ;) hope july will have at least some more days off for you and your co-workers get along well,when you have lunch/dinner together,thats good.but what is the german book supposed to say? :D sarah

    1. naja social eating ist hier ziemlich common und sagt nichtviel über den beziehungsgrad aus... oft ist es eher ZWANG zu so treffen zu gehen vorallem wenn dich vorgesetzte/chefs zu sowas einladen.

      also ich nehme mal an, dass der spruch auf dem notizheft sowas heißt wie "Heute ist gutes Wetter. Wie werden Sie den Tag verbringen?"