Freitag, 31. August 2012 I become more loyal to this blog now?

my last entry was written and posted with WINDOWS LIVE WRITER. I feel it’s more convenient than using’s interface… however I haven’t really discovered the whole software, yet.. I am sure there’s quite some stuff left to figure out/ learn..

anyway, I want to update more often and rather write several shorter entries instead of posting every three weeks a huge one. Those long entries take up way too much time and I find myself procrastinating them.

On the 28th August I only had to work about 5 hours at IKEA, so I met up a new friend (AKI-CHAN ) afterwards and we did some (window)shopping and had ice cream at Cafe & Kitchen Rabbits:
I had Vanilla Ice Cream with Kuro-Goma-Sauce (black sesame sauce).
ice cream with kurogoma sauce
Actually I was in desperate search of a birthday present for my boyfriend! I always end up buying things that I like, but he doesn't. That’s why I wanted to buy a voucher/gift certificate from a soccer-equipment store. But when I asked the sales assistants if I could buy a voucher, I got weird faces and was told to go to Daimaru. Daimaru is just a  normal/expensive department store… and I think the one in Kobe doesn't even have sports-wear. WTF was that? I felt really offended by this stupid suggestion. I don't go into a soccer-store for no reason.. Obviously I wanted SOCCER RELATED SHIT ! not a department store voucher!!!!!!!!!!!
After asking around in some other stores, I gave up on the voucher idea. Apparently the concept of giving vouchers as a present is not common in Japan. For some inspiration what to give to my boyfriend, me and Aki-chan browsed several men’s fashion floors in different shopping malls. Pretty quickly my mind was set on purchasing a “WAIST BAG”. Actually the type that is not worn around your waist, but on your back. I’ve seen many pretty & fashionable versions but most were way too expensive.
Only two days later, when looking for one on my own (I am a more relaxed shopper when I am on my own.. ), I finally found the “right” bag. If it was for me, I would have bought a leather one.. slightly nerdish looking… but I tried to forget about WHAT I LIKE and focused on my boyfriend’s style/wardrobe.. I got a sporty version from Dickies.
So yesterday (31st August)  I first headed to work (IKEA) and then hurried back home. Dai and me got on our bicycles and rode to a small korean restaurant in the neighborhood :
me with MANGO MAKKOLI. super tasty and refreshing!!!

Dai with "korean beer"

dish of the birthday boy. the meat was really yummy
mine.. kimchi soup.. was really good and I added extra was HOT :D
Our dishes were good and cheap. The only disappointment was, that we didn't get as many banchan as we are used to (those small side-dishes).

thats the other dress I bought in hiroshima on sale! I paid about 1300yen for this..the quality of the fabrics is very good though!!

the bag I got for my baby

And a quick update on my dr. ci labo trial set (posted about here: )
I’ve used the Aqua Collagen Gel twice so far and I have to say…it feels good ! I apply it before I go to bed… Aqua Collagen Gel (enrich lift series) has no mattifying qualities.. so it’s safer to use at night. I have combination skin and the next morning my skin looks fine! not more or less greasy than usual but more refreshed !! I do not like it’s strong chemical scent though. I will definitely use up the sample (10g), but I think it’s too expensive for me to purchase a full sized jar.

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