Donnerstag, 1. März 2012

it's already march

Fishing was not as exciting as I hoped for :D We (Dai, his father and me) went to the open sea and it was quite windy. Therefore all of us were almost frozen to death after about one hour. And none of us caught a fish. My bait got stolen two times, obviously fish are smarter than me :(. Afterwards we went to some conbini and all of us choose some hot soup-based food (ramen, udon, harusame cup noodles).

Dai and me ordered a HDMI cable from and since we do not have credit cards, we've chosen the „pay at the conbini“ option. Me and him were quite stupid about the whole process but finally everything worked out. (In the end, after some clicking around, you get a number. In the case of picking seven eleven it's a code of 13 numbers. You print that out, or just write it down and hand it to the cashier. Then you'll receive the bill and pay. Done.)

I really start to value conbinis, definitely not for the food or drinks choice, but for all the other services it provides. You can draw cash, pay your amazon orders and probably other shops, buy tickets (concerts,etc.), print stuff / photos and so on.

On Tuesday we were scheduled to meet the guy again for looking at an apartment. Basically it's exactly the same one we looked at before, but different apartment number in the same building. This one was occupied until shortly before, and it is now in a run-down state. Anyway, the guy eventually cancelled on us, after we tried to contact him several times the days before. He excused himself by saying he was sick. Great reason... ! (I mean, sending a short notice couldn’t have hurt, right?)

Anyway, he then vaguely proposed to meet on Wednesday...Wednesday he didn’t contact us back again... I got fed up, and forced Dai to go to Kobe with me, without knowing if we meet him or not. In case he would not come to meet us, I wanted us to try other real estate agencies.
We got out at the Station where the apartment is, we were supposed to see. And we were lucky! Worker were in the flat and leaving the door open. Dai also asked them and we got permission to see it.
OMG ! I swear, there lived an hikikomori before. It was disgusting. But it was relieving to see, the renovating and cleaning was already in process !

I also bought some Roggenbrot (rye bread) in an import food store (kobe grocers) .On the train ride back, I decided to get off at Tarumi-Station. I browsed the nearby outlet town, but left without buying anything. When I came home, Dai told me he already signed some kind of paper, confirming our interest in the flat. (We can still back out from that!)
I am not thrilled about the apartment... it is alright. It is not completely overpriced, considering the area and the fact that there's a subway station in front of the door (walking distance = 0 minutes).
BUT I am more than sure, we could have a place double the size for that money/ or something on the same level but cheaper, if my lovely boyfriend knew what the word „compromise“ means.

By the way, after we finally knew the date on tuesday got cancelled. I begged Dai to bring me to Kobe to his mothers workplace.. She works (not in education though) at the kobe gakuin daigaku. She somehow talked me through the reception staff of the library and could start to work on some assignments. I really cannot concentrate at home, because someone is always there (usually Dai) and keeps distracting me.

Today (tuesday) i got up early (6a.m.) to join Dais mother to her drive to University. And now I am sitting again all day in the library. My concentration was already down to zero, so I decided to write on this entry. For a short lunch break I had a pretty massive dorayaki (doesn’t look like, but the azuki filling was MUCH). 


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