Freitag, 2. März 2012

yesterday i kept waiting for a phone call all day. it didn’t ring. In the end I gathered some courage and phoned the office, I applied to. The person in charge was busy. Called again after 30 minutes and finally got through to her. I am not able to do an internship at the desired office in Kobe. She said I could maybe do an internship in September in Tokyo. But this is so far ahead, i cannot really think about it. I rather need something stable/secure for NOW. Besides the internship is more or less unpaid. Leaving here and setting out for the 2nd most expensive city in the world for an unpaid internship is currently not an option for me. Yes, the 1st spot was overtaken by Zurich ! Wtf. And the 3rd place is shared by Osaka and Genf.

But you can find cheap things in Japan... yesterday I checked out G.U 

it's a cheaper sister brand of the omni-present UNIQLO . And it is indeed even cheaper... Jeans for 990 Yen (depending on the exchange rate it equals 9-10 euro)

i am considering to get one of their skirts.. but I almost NEVER wear skirts.. and keep wondering if it fits me. 

I liked some of their knit wear but everything I checked was mainly "acrylic". I usually want my knit wear/tops to be at least 50 percent cotton!

I tried to work a bit on my assignment, but never really concentrated... instead I filled in an rirekisho template on my computer. rirekisho is the japanese resumee / curriculum vitae. You are supposed to submit your rirekisho HANDWRITTEN. So I began to fill out one and failed. I really need some practice on that.............
luckily you can get the sheets at daiso (100yen shop= 1 euro shops in Germany) 

other than that, i start to worry about my cosmetics and skin care supply. I thought, I'd just get new stuff here, once my stuff from Germany is used up. Now I find myself troubling to find matching products. I usually get what the products is used for etc. but I fail to understand what kind of skin type it is supposed to be used for ! I'd say I have an combination skin, which means in Japanese 混合肌 (kongou hada), but i never see this term on any products... 

I actually had a terrible skin break out after arriving here. maybe it's due to change of water or permanent use of the air con (they function as heater in winter/ cooler in summer)... 
So i desperately looked out for some peeling or wash-lotion and after a lot uncertainness and confusion, I finally grabbed something, which had "nikibi" in friendly katakana written on (nikibi means pimple) . I ended up with a cow-brand skin life product :D

I cannot fully recommend this. It works, but the effect is not that exciting. Furthermore, it is drying out your skin massively. I had some peeling of skin afterwards... Nonetheless, I keep using it for now.

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