Sonntag, 4. März 2012

hina matsuri

Done nothing these past days. (some work on my translation assignment and sending applications...)
So for now I only share some pictures of Kyua's hina-ningyo stage (ningyo = doll).

hina matsuri is the "girls day" of Japan and celebrated by putting up a stage with pretty little dolls representing emperor and empress and other figures of the heian period. 

For more infos read here:

This wooden plate has Kyua's name engraved and functions as a music box too.
Kyua is the three years old daughter of my boyfriends brother. Kyua has a little brother called Kirato. Both are often here during weekends, playing with Dai and their grand-parents.

Btw... these are currently my most favorite bonbons :D green tea and green milk tea flavor

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