Dienstag, 6. März 2012

No news at all

we still don’t know for sure, if we are going to move to hyogo ku or not, but it seems most likely for now.
I will get my alien registration card (id card for foreigners) tomorrow. With this I could already step in to hello work and give more fuel to my job search... but since my boyfriend always makes plans without asking me about my schedule, i cannot do so tomorrow. We will meet Kei-san and Mamiko-san in Himeji tomorrow. I hope I can taste himeji-oden ! (the special twist about himeji-oden is the addition of soy sauce and ginger.)
anyway, that means I cannot go to hello work before next week Wednesday / Thursday. English-service is only provided on Wednesday and Thursday in the Kobe-branch. This makes me feel very uneasy. I do not want to wait another week.

Another things that bugs me, is the TOEIC. I wanted to take it, but missed a the application deadline for the upcoming one in march. The next one I can take is in May ! And the results will be out in June or so! That’s so far ahead, I wonder if it's worth it... Well I guess I do it... I still have some weeks left for application...
Once we moved to Hyogo-ku, I will probably sign up with Kumon too. It seems like the most affordable and schedule-friendly option for me to repeat and study Japanese. I already heard it's mostly studying with worksheets... but that’s exactly what I need, lots of repetition !

Yesterday, I bought a suits-jacket and a white blouse at G.U. But I couldn’t agree on their pants. I will look out for black pants at other shops too.

I think, I mentioned before: I am running out on my left over cosmetics from Germany and need to find adequate replacements here. As for my foundation-powder I went for Cezanne.

It was the cheapest I could find in drugstores/ supermarkets. I rechecked its online- reviews and it seemed ok for my combination skin. Also I found that its „cream-beige“ tone was the best match to my previously used „natural beige“ manhatten powder.

This is the UV Foundation EX one, there's a another line which is pretty similar called UV Ultra Cover Foundation II. This one covers better of course. However, its texture is too oily for my skin.
The EX line has the strongest mattifying effect, which is exactly what I need.

It retails at 545 Yen and the refill pack is only 399 Yen. That’s way beneath the average price for foundations. I'd say the average is between 700 – 1200 Yen. Since I use make up daily, I have to stick to affordable brands.
(PS: the lovely mouse-pad is from DAISO, 105 Yen)

Oh and my order of „Out“ by Natsuo Kirino finally arrived. I've read „I'm sorry, mama“ (german title: Teufelskind) by her and was really drawn to her way of seeing and describing things. I think she has a great understanding of the Japanese society !

PS: Dai called the town office and my card is ready ! we're getting it now....

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