Samstag, 24. März 2012

moved to Kobe !

On Wednesday we went to Hyogo-ku (one district in Kobe) to clean and furnish our new apartment, but in the evening we went back to Takasago. One more night in a warm, comfy and fully equipped household and furthermore: internet access.

Dai's parents invited us to have dinner at a yakiniku restaurant. Yummy yummy. We had horumon (I still don’t really know what it is... it might be some part of the stomach?!), tongue, ro-su (short-loin meat), cow stomach, sausages, salads, kimchi, veggies and so on. It was super tasty and I'm happy I did not have to pay for it :D (yakiniku is usually kinda expensive)'

The day before we had okonomiyaki at home:

I love those dishes you can grill on your own in front of you, that way nothing gets too cold before eating.

In the evening I got a reply to a job application and was asked to fill in some questionnaire. Good thing we returned to Takasago, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to reply etc.

Since Thursday I am in my new place with Dai and it will need a few more days or weeks until I get fully accustomed to this flat. Everything is just old and halfheartedly fixed. Basically, you can hear everything that’s going on outside and within the building. Paperthin walls.

We have no air-con yet. I am not able to heat my room until Monday, which sucks since our rooms are quite chilly and windy. But yeah on Monday the air-con will be installed.

After arriving in Hyogo-ku on Thursday, we dropped our bags and stuff at our new place and left for the Kuyakusho (town /city hall) in order to change the address on my alien registration card. We had to wait a bit but the process itself was surprisingly easy! They didn’t even ask for any proof of my new residency... I could have registered the address of a trash can!
On the way back, we spontaneously got into some DOCOMO shop and I somehow ended up with a phone and contract.......... I wonder if it was the right decision, but now it's too late to have any regrets. You can hardly get a phone / number without contracts. The only prepaid service is offered by Softbank and I do not find the offered mobile devices nor the call rates too appealing. 
With my current plan I can mail to japanese mobiles and to computer emails for free. But I am not sure whether I can attach photos to these mails for free too.
In case someone is familiar with docomos plans and products, feel free to enlighten me!

BTW I got the Exilim CA-01C in pink:

Well the camera of this phone is pretty fancy : 16.3mega pixel and able to produce 3D pictures (they suck but at least it's a funny gimmick)
unfortunately no cable was provided. I have to purchase this separately...probably do so next month.

Thursday evening I finally met up with Maria, a girl from my former university. She spend a year in Kobe as an exchange student. It's pretty sad, I was only able to meet her once a few days before she will leave Japan :( We went to some ticket-restaurant and got soba/udon and she was also so nice to sell me her bicycle! I am mobile now :D

Friday, we walked to Yamada Denki(electronic shop) and Nitori (something like Ikea). Dai kinda underestimated the distance and we walked quite a while through the cold rain -.-
We bought some heavy stuff and were too tired to walk the whole distance again and the rain didn’t help either. We paid for a taxi ride….. -_- Once home we bought stuff and had late lunch. We immediately tried out our new IH cooking plate, just bought before at Yamada Denki. Worked well! 

Today (Saturday) I left with my bike to explore the area and found the gyoumu su-pa- I googled before. It's supermarket chain, thats slightly cheaper than others but they're not that well stocked or sell articles in bulk packs.
I also got access to Yahoo BB Mobile points now (those W-Lan points can be found at mac donalds, some cafes and stations). You can buy validation codes for this at family mart. 1 day = 500 yen, 2 weeks = 1000yen and 3 months = 4000 yen. I went for the middle option because Dai received another phone call from JCOM. They might be able to progress soon and install internet here.

Then I spent almost two hours in MacDonalds making use of my WLAN access here.
Shortly before my computer run out of battery I found out I didn’t reply the recruitment mail correctly. I accidentally sent my reply to Dais address and didn’t reply to the recruiter. FUCK. Luckily they gave a generous deadline and I still have some days time to send it. 

So now I am spending another two hours in MacDonalds until my laptop runs out of battery or the MacDonald staff kicks me out :D


  1. hey sweety.i have already seen your new phone on facebook and i think it really looks like a camera.its so cool that it is pink <3 is everything in the new flat now and have you had time to unpack things? what about the search for a job? do you have other jobs in mind except for the one you had to answer now? i moved to detmold today,so i´m back home again.hugs to japan,sarah

  2. kannste nicht mal deutsch schreiben???? die oma und der opa können kein Wort englisch....
    küsschen papa

  3. sarah, tomorrow I go back to the place where I had my first interview. If things work out, I can start there soon. Then there's an interview coming up on Thursday. I hope I can get both jobs now and combine them... should be possible since both is part time.

    Today I had an interview in another Hotel in Kobe. The HR person I talked to was very kind, but pretty much told me from the start, that my Japanese isnt sufficient for the position (front reception) She talked quite a long time to me, encouraging me to study more and then reaply for the position etc.
    She probably only said so to comfort me, but it was still nice of her.