Samstag, 31. März 2012

short update

I use my bike to explore Hyogo-ku and neighboring city districts. I can even easily reach motomachi by bike.

Other than that Dai and me spent most of our time and money into completing our new home. We now finally have everything we need for daily life. We bought  IH cooking plate, microwave, etc. A big relief was, that Dai's parents paid our air-con, which was installed on Monday (japanese flats/houses usually do not have a heating installation. Temperature whether hot or cold is regulated by air-cons).

We also got some stuff FOR FREE from Dai's friend. His friend gave up his flat and moved in with his girlfriend. In exchange for helping him with packing and moving, Dai got: a refrigerator, washing machine, a lamp, storage boxes and some other random small stuff.

The last thing missing is internet access. This will be hopefully solved on Tuesday, when a person from j-com will come to our apartment.

I have a number of meetings scheduled this week for jobs! I hope by the end of the week I will have one or two jobs. 

Here are a few impressions of our apartment now...

Dai's fishies

kitchen table , sink in front of the bathroom, the air-con, my room....

kitchen... and yes laundry :D

 Oops, just realized I added the same picture twice...


  1. hey sweety.the flat looks nice,i suppose its because of your female influence? ;) what do you think about the interviews? i am still waiting for a school to pick me.i´ve already tried to find some alternatives in case no school decides to pick me.have a nice weekend :-*

  2. mos things belong to dai. before we already moved in, he went crazy and bought tons of stuff... except for my own room, i didnt even have a chance to buy decoration or interior goods. now our flat is already stuffed with his things -_- whatever, I saved money.
    I decided to keep my room simple, therefore I have still lots of free space left.

    i started working a few shifts per months in a hotel restaurant..and in the beginning of may I will work for about one week for some big european company as a temporary help staff. also food/service job. I actually hope, I can enhance the contract after this one week of work...

    i am pretty sure, you will be picked by some schools. dont worry. I rather believe you will be picked by several schools and then you'll be troubled, which one to choose :P