Sonntag, 8. April 2012

one week summary

ok... uhm where to start? Don't know how to summarize the last week properly, but I give my best.

On Sunday (1st April) I had a job interview at another hotel in Kobe. Once I arrived and entered the lobby, I was shocked to see what a big and quite fancy hotel it was. My self-confidence vanished. Already before the actual interview started, I was kinda „tested“. I was supposed to write some stuff in Japanese on an application form. It was clearly a test, all the things asked on the sheet where things usually asked within the interview or that can be found on your CV. So when the actual interview started I was told right away to study more Japanese and that my Japanese is not sufficient for the position. It would be necessary to be able to write Japanese by hand not only on the computer.
I got her point and I agree with her, but then again I wonder why I was invited. I was sad to have wasted time and money on this, but I kept smiling. The woman in charge continued to talk to me for about half an hour and tried to encourage me.
Anyway, another lesson learned.

when u ride the JR Port Liner from Sannomiya to Port Island, you get a very nice view

some part of the hotel lobby

On Monday I had a meeting back at the Hotel I was interviewed by two weeks ago! After two weeks they decided to contact me and re-invite me. Actually I didn't want to work there, because the hourly pay is little and I won't be able to work many hours a week. However, I have no right to be picky. I said yes to everything and was scheduled to work my first shift the next day (Tuesday).

I actually worked three times at the Hotel Restaurant that week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Each evening got busier and more exhausting, but then again my co-workers are really nice. My shift starts at 5pm and so far always ended around 10:30pm.
It's a buffet and I do not have to take orders. My tasks are to prepare the buffet, make sure things look nice etc., refill food, pick up used dishware, clean tables and so on. I also cleaned the toilets -_-

We can also take a break and eat from the buffet. When taking down the buffet and cleaning there's also always a chance to eat some leftovers.

On Thursday I had another Interview at a big company, but also only for a part-time / temporary position. It was a group interview. I sat at a table with 9 other people, everyone Japanese and we were asked questions by the Interviewers. Luckily, it wasn't a competitive group interview, but aimed to provide a friendly, open and casual atmosphere. Half of the people were dressed in suits and the other half wore very casual outfits. The company is not Japanese and this was also conveyed during the interview. It felt rather „european“ except, that everyone besides me was Japanese.

I got through the whole thing somehow and I was always able to say at least „something“ to the questions, but of course I couldn’t provide interesting answers and stories as the japanese candidates. It was alright though. After the Interview one girl approached me and asked me to be friends with her. I thought it was really cute of her and we spend some time together talking and took purikura.

On Saturday I met Naoko-san. I posted on some message board, that I was looking for japanese language exchange partners and got a nice reply from her. She teaches Japanese at KICC as a volunteer and therefore we met up at the KICC (at KICC foreigners living in Kobe can receive consultation, help, free lessons etc.). We left there immediately and headed for a lovely cafe called Nishimura:
It was a little on the expensive side, but you can sit there for hours without being bothered to order more and more. My tiny nuts-coffee was 650Yen (about 6 Euro) and extremely tasty. After about two hours in the Cafe, we went out for a little window shopping and all in all we met for about 4 hours. It was really nice to meet her and talk so much in japanese (also some german and english).

On Sunday I didn’t do much and used the day to relax. I also got randomly an offer for an internship. Before I came to japan I applied to various companies and only got rejections back. One of them contacted me now again and offered a telephone interview for an internship in Tokyo starting from July for 12 months. The position is a dream, but now that I am renting an apartment and got used to the life here, I can't and don’t want to leave so early again. I tried my best to write a diplomatic reply and asked if it's possible to start later or to do a short-term internship.

It's really sad: I don't get to do any girly shopping ! All I bought so far, was stuff for interviews/work: black pants, blazer, blouses, black shoes and a black hand bag.
At the Hotel Restaurant, I have to wear my own black pants and black shoes. Additionally, I got a white shirt, an apron and a neck ribbon from the hotel. : )

I actually went to a number of malls and places, but only for window shopping (or buying the formal stuff I mentioned). Also I am still struggling to find matching make up and skin care products.
I bought another washing foam by „naive“. It's actually a cheap sub-brand by Kanebo:

and I like it so far. It's nothing special, but considering the price it's a good solution.

I will do the laundry now and go to Chuo-ku by bike later on. I wanna check out the kobe-donki hote store and maybe finally buy new make up today...

random illumination of the canal garden building in harbour island

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